Digital Addiction and it’s Solution

Digital addiction is also known as mobile addiction or internate addiction
It includes mostly
1) Mobile Phone overuse
2) Internet addiction
3) Social media addiction
4) Gaming addiction
5) Selfie Addiction

Digital detoxification is new therapy which will arrive soon to help digitally addicted people.

Unlike other addiction, this digital addiction affects mental and social health of the person and not directly on physical health. But never underestimate any addiction.

Ayurved says excessive use of any good thing leads to damage health in various factors.

Digital addiction leads to
*Low confidence
*Low self-esteem
*Reduced mental abilities
*Reduced or disturbed sleep
*Digestive system disturbance
*Imbalance in hormonal level
*Loss of interest
*Feeling of loneliness

If you think you are getting addicted to digital media, start doing these things immediately
1) Uninstall apps. Keep only necessary apps you need.
2) fix the timing of use of mobile and internet
3) keep mobile away and on aeroplane mode during sleep
4) keep mobile away during work
5) travel in nature. Nature has best power to reduce mental toxins
6) talk with real friends and family.
7) start exercise, yoga and Pranayam every day
8) daily meditation
9) slowly reduce use of mobile. Start ignoring your mobile for some minutes today
10) Do the things you love to do. But only for yourself.
11) let emotions comes out in real world. Laugh out loud, Cry a lot, Surprise yourself, anger, fear and all other emotions should be expressed in real life and not just in emojies. 😜

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