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Frequently Asked Questions

We are open everyday from 9 A.M. to 8 P.M.

Make sure to call us before visiting as we may have visiting schedules on some days. 

 In Arogya Mandir – Shri Siddhanath Ayurvedic Hospital, Miraj, every patient is examined through ayurvedic perception deeply. By applying noninvasive Ayurvedic diagnostic tools like Ashtavidha Parikshan, Nadi Parikshan etc exact pathogenesis of disease is founded out and then therapies are advised according to condition of disease. Thus results come early.

                   Our therapies have following uniqueness.
Silent, clean, therapy room with trained therapist and positive environment.
Appropriate massage oil is selected according to Prakruti and disease condition of patient.
Free Prakruti and Dhatu Sarata examination before starting of therapies.
Authenticate procedure of each therapy.
Appropriate use of herbal medicines and instruments during therapy.
Special rooms with all facility for indoor patient.

We are currently providing health insurance claim in form of reimbursement. 

we are currently connected to 30 + private insurance parties and TPAs. 

If you want to know the list of insurance parties and TPAs which are connected with us, you can see that in our insurance page. 

In future we are trying to provide government scheme to our patients – like Ayushman Bharat etc. 

We provide special rooms to our patients. in each room you may find 2 to 4 beds. patient and his relatives can stay here without any difficulty.