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Dr. Surendra Chivate - Founder

Our Story

Dr. Surendra Chivate, An Ayurvedic Practitioner Started his practice in 1987. At that time there are very few Ayurvedic practitioner in Miraj. He started pure Ayurvedic practice with almost all therapies like panchkarma and massage. Dr. Surendra also invented some ayurvedic formulations and treatment for diseases like slip disc, sciatica, jaundice, infertility. He also had visiting per month in rare konkan areas. He has been awarded with many awards. He had taken retirement in 2023.

Dr. Prashant Chivate, completed his Ayurvedic degree in 2017. He worked as university representative for one year. Then he completed diploma course in panchkarma, agnikarma and marma therapy. Dr. Prashant started private practice from 2018. He currently has visits in Kokan and Karnataka every month. He is well experienced doctor with proper ayurvedic knowledge.

Dr. Sayali Nashte, completed her B.H.M.S degree in 2019. She is currently handling Skin and Hair department in our hospital. 

Dr. Hrushikesh Chivate, completed his Ayurvedic degree recently. He also completed Nadi Pariksha course offered by Art of living, Bengaluru. He is practicing as Ayurvedic practitioner. 

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Surendra Chivate

Dr. Surendra Chivate

B.A.M.S. (Retired)


Dr. Prashant Chivate

Dr. Prashant Chivate

B.A.M.S, P.G.P.P.

Dr. Hrushikesh Chivate

Dr. Hrushikesh Chivate


Masters in Nadi Pariksha

Dr. Sayali

Dr. Sayali Nashte

B.H.M.S. , P.G.D.E.M.S. , Cinical Cosmetology and Trichology 

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What Our Patients Have to Say

I was suffering from lumbar spondylosis from 2 years. I also got advised for surgery. But, I came in this hospital. Dr. Surendra accurately diagnosed my problem and given 15 days ayurvedic treatment. I stopped my steroidal medicines. Still my pains got reduced by 90%.
Manhidra kumar
From Vijapur, Karnataka
I got relief in my knee pain after taking 12 days ayurvedic and panchakarma treatment from here.
Mariyam Sayid Faladi
From Oman
Hospital treatment and hospitality is very good. My mother was sufferings from almost one year. Her right leg had so much pain and tingling sensation. Now she is recovered and feels much better. Total treatment is good. I will definitely suggest this hospital.
P. Bandivadekar.
I got relief in my neck pain, giddiness, and numbness in both hands. I was admitted here for 5 days. now I feel very good and all my problems are reduced to negligible.
M. Umbrani
From Mahad