Suvarna Prashan

In the world of holistic health practices, Suvarna Prashana stands out as a time-tested Ayurvedic treatment. Rooted in ancient wisdom, this unique therapy has garnered attention for its potential benefits in enhancing immunity, cognitive development, and overall well-being.


Definition of Suvarna Prashana Ayurvedic Treatment

Suvarna Prashana is an Ayurvedic procedure involving the administration of a specific herbal formulation enriched with gold. This traditional practice is renowned for its immunization properties and has been an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. 

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, emphasizes the balance of mind, body, and spirit. Suvarna Prashana aligns seamlessly with these principles, playing a crucial role in maintaining health and preventing diseases.

Historical Background

To truly understand Suvarna Prashana, one must delve into its rich historical roots. Originating in ancient Ayurvedic texts named Kashyap Samhita, this treatment has been passed down through generations, gaining significance for its holistic approach to health.

Ingredients Used in Suvarna Prashan

1. Suvarna

  • Purified gold has been used as main ingredient in this procedure. 
  • It helps to increase cognitive functions,

2. Ghee

  • Pure cow ghee is second key ingredient in Suvarna Prashan
  • It helps to develop brain and other tissues. Also helps in digestion and well-being.

3. Honey

  • Pure honey is third key ingredient in Suvarna Prashan. 
  • It helps to maintain Kapha Dosha. Also helps in development of bones. 

4. Other ingredients – 

  • All other ingredients are optional and not key ingredient in Suvarna Prashan
  • This include Bramhi, Shankhpushpi and Mandukparni content which are known for their brain enhancing power. 

Ayurveda places great importance on the synergy of ingredients. Suvarna Prashana’s formulation is designed to create a harmonious blend that addresses various aspects of health, promoting holistic well-being.

Health Benefits of Suvarna Prashan

Suvarna Prashan, an ancient Ayurvedic practice, offers numerous health benefits for children. This gold-based preparation is believed to enhance overall well-being and immunity. Some of the key health benefits include:

  1. Boosted Immunity: Suvarna Prashan is renowned for its immune-boosting properties, helping children develop a strong defense against infections and illnesses.
  2. Enhanced Cognitive Function: Regular administration helps to promote optimal brain function, improving memory, concentration, and overall cognitive abilities in growing children.
  3. Improved Digestion: Suvarna Prashan helps to support digestive health, aiding in better nutrient absorption and promoting a healthy gut.
  4. Balanced Growth: The formulation helps to support balanced physical and mental growth in children, ensuring they reach their developmental milestones.
  5. Reduced Temperament Issues: It helps to have a calming effect on the mind, potentially reducing instances of temperamental issues and promoting emotional well-being.
  6. Resilience Against Allergies: Regular use may help to increase resistance against common allergens, providing relief from allergies and related symptoms.
  7. Detoxification: Suvarna Prashan have detoxifying properties, helping in the elimination of toxins from the body and promoting overall health.
  8. Improved Skin Health: The preparation helps to contribute to healthy skin, reducing the occurrence of skin-related issues in children.

Types of Suvarna Prashan: 

There are generally two types of Suvarna Prashana:

1. Droplet Form:

  • Suvarna Prashan Drops, available in the market, consist of Suvarna (purified gold), Ghee, Honey, and other essential ingredients. 
  • Numerous pharmaceutical companies manufacture these drops, but it’s crucial to choose reputable ones. 
  • Some manufacturers may have improper compositions or adulterations. Examples of trustworthy Suvarna Prashan drop manufacturers include Vasu and Vasishtha Pharma. 
2. Tablet Form:
  • Suvarna Prashana Tablets are pre-mixed tablets containing 2 mg of purified Suvarna and other herbal ingredients. 
  • Before administration, this tablet should be mixed with honey and ghee. 
  • Examples of pharmaceutical companies manufacturing this tablet include Dhutpapeshwar and Dabur.

Procedure of Suvarna Prashan

Suvarna Prashan is an Ayurvedic procedure designed to enhance the overall health and immunity of children. The procedure involves the administration of Suvarna (purified gold) in either droplet or tablet form. Here is a general outline of the Suvarna Prashan procedure:

1. Droplet Form Administration:

  • Age Group: Suited for children below the age of 2 years.
  • Frequency: Can be given at home either in the every morning or once a month on the Pushya Nakshatra date.
  • Preparation: Drops are pre-prepared with specific ingredients, containing a controlled amount of Suvarna in each drop.
  • Dosage: Dose are according to age of child. If child is below 6 months then 1 to 2 drops are sufficient for daily use. and 4 drops on Pushya Nakshatra date. 

2. Tablet Form Administration:

  • Age Group: Administered to children aged 2 to 3 years and above up to 16 years.
  • Frequency: Should be given once a month on the Pushya Nakshatra date; avoid daily use.
  • Composition: Tablets contain precisely 2 mg of purified gold along with other herbal ingredients.
  • Preparation: The tablet needs to be dissolved in water, and additional ghee and honey should be mixed before administration.
  • Dosage: One tablet on each Pushya Nakshatra date is advisable. Amount of ghee and honey are depend on Age of child. 

General Recommendations:

  • Suvarna Prashan is typically administered on an empty stomach or after 2 hours of meal.
  • The procedure is often performed under the guidance of an Ayurvedic practitioner.
  • It is essential to follow age-appropriate guidelines for the administration of Suvarna Prashan to ensure optimal benefits for the child’s health and immunity.

Age Criteria

Suvarna Prashan is typically administered to children, and there are specific age criteria for its application. The droplet form of Suvarna Prashan is usually given to newborns up to the age of 2 years. On the other hand, the tablet form is administered to children from age of 2 to 3 years. 

If a child has fever or taking any medicines then Suvarna Prashana should avoid or should take only after advise of Ayurvedic practitioner. 

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Yes, Suvarna Prashana is generally considered safe for children. However, it’s advisable to consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner for personalized advice.

Suvarna Prashana is not a replacement for vaccinations. It complements overall well-being but should not substitute conventional immunization.

The frequency of Suvarna Prashana varies based on age and health conditions. Consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner for personalized recommendations.

While undergoing Suvarna Prashana, it’s advisable to follow a balanced and healthy diet. However, specific dietary restrictions may vary based on individual needs.

Ayurvedic texts recommend administering Suvarna Prashana on specific days, aligning with astrological considerations. Consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner for precise timing.