Sthanik Basti

Local Basti


Sthanik Basti, or Local Basti, is a distinctive Ayurvedic therapy that involves pouring medicated oil onto specific parts of the body to achieve targeted therapeutic effects. Unlike the general application of Basti in Panchakarma, Sthanik Basti focuses on localized areas. Key types of Sthanik Basti include Shiro Basti (applied on the head), Kati Basti (on the lower back), Janu Basti (on the knee), and Hrud Basti (over the heart).

1. Shiro Basti: 

  • Shiro Basti involves keeping oil on the head by fitting a long leather cap around the patient’s head. The slightly warm oil is maintained throughout the procedure. 
  • This therapy is beneficial for various head-related issues such as hair loss, migraines, numbness, eye disorders, nasal disorders, oral disorders, ear disorders, cerebral palsy, cerebrovascular diseases, paralysis, sciatica, neck pain, weakness, urine disorders, excessive sweating, skin disorders, blood-related disorders, anorexia, heaviness, sleep disorders, and reducing the harmful effects of addictions like tobacco and alcohol.

2. Kati Basti:

  • In Kati Basti, hot medicated oil is poured onto the lower back within a frame of mung bean paste. 
  • This musculoskeletal treatment uses heat to improve blood flow, reduce swelling, relieve pain, and soften ligaments, tendons, and muscles. It is effective for back pain due to various causes, including hits, prolonged travel, muscle weakness, and erosion of vertebrae.

3. Janu Basti:

  • Janu Basti involves pouring hot oil onto one or both knees within an applied paste or yantra. 
  • It provides relief for knee pain, reduces friction-related sounds, and is useful when knee movements are limited or there is pain and numbness in the legs.

4. Hrud Basti: 

  • Hrud Basti is a heart-nurturing treatment where a dough container is placed over the heart area, and warm medicated oils are poured. 
  • This therapy is beneficial for maintaining heart health, preventing heart disorders, and releasing negative emotions stored in the body.
These Sthanik Basti therapies offer localized benefits, addressing specific concerns in a targeted manner. The selection of the type of Basti depends on the individual’s health condition and the desired therapeutic effects. Consulting with us is recommended for personalized guidance and treatment plans.

Uniqueness of our therapies  

At Arogya Mandir – Shri Siddhanath Ayurvedic Hospital, Miraj, we delve deeply into the ayurvedic examination of each patient. Utilizing noninvasive Ayurvedic diagnostic tools such as Ashtavidha Parikshan and Nadi Parikshan, we precisely determine the pathogenesis of the disease and then prescribe therapies tailored to the specific condition. This approach leads to expedited results.

Our therapies boast the following distinctive features:
– Tranquil and hygienic therapy rooms staffed with trained therapists in a positive environment.
– Selection of appropriate massage oil based on the patient’s Prakruti and the condition of the disease.
– Complimentary Prakruti and Dhatu Sarata examinations before the commencement of therapies.
– Authenticated procedures for each therapy.
– Judicious use of herbal medicines and instruments during the therapy sessions.
– Specialized rooms equipped with all facilities for inpatient care.

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