Ayurvedic Cosmetology

                              Ayurvedic Cosmetology is completely different from current chemical based cosmetology. Herbal cosmetology doesn’t have chemicals for fast effects. They heal slowly but heal from root.

                             In Ayurved, it is always said that beauty comes from inside. It means if a person has calm and peaceful mind and accurate healthy Dosha Dushya, then only that person is beautiful. Skin is a mirror of what happening inside.

                             If we treat only for skin diseases then this treatment is temporary. Ayurveda wants Apunarbhav chikitsa from vaidyas (Ayurvedic doctors). Apunarbhav chikitsa means treatment which remove disease from its root and so it doesn’t occur again.

                             Color of skin, texture of hair are parts of individual prakruti. Vaat prakruti has somewhat black skin with dry hair, Pitta prakruti has white skin etc. This prakruti doesn’t change at all. It is constant from birth to death. Prakruti forms before birth. So it is not possible to change prakruti.   

                             So what is ayurvedic cosmetology?

                             Ayurvedic cosmetology or any other cosmetics are useful only when skin or hair got damaged from day to day life factors. Lifestyle is changed too much recently. So inner health of body and mind is changed in almost everybody. To correct inner health, we should know which body factors affects directly on skin or hair. Let’s know

1) Agni – Digestive Power

2) Dosha – Vaat, Pitta, Kapha – Essential Body Factors

3) Dhatu – Ras, Rakta, Mansa Dhatu – Anatomical Factors

4) Teja, Praan, Oja – 

5) Kleda – Water Level

6) Some food

1) Agni (Digestive power) – 

it is most basic thing for health of skin and hairs. Nutrients required for skin and hair are absorbed mostly through food we eat. This food should be digested properly for getting proper nutrients. If digestive power is weak, then whatever healthy food we eat it doesn’t give us proper nutrients. Thus all body tissues including hair and skin get damaged.

2) Dosha –

Vaat dosha – if increases, skin gets dark and hair becomes dry, split ended. Skin loses glow and become dry in nature
Pitta dosha – One type of pitta known as Bhrajak Pitta is responsible for skin glow and skin health. If this dosha gets reduced, Glow reduces.
Kapha dosha – If this dosha increases, oiliness increases.

3) Dhatu

Ras dhatu – Ras can be defined as lymph or serum of our blood. It is responsible for skin texture and wrinkles.
Rakta dhatu – Rakta can be defined as blood. It is responsible for skin colour and shininess.
Mansa dhatu – Mansa can be defined as muscles. They are responsible for skin development
Asthi dhatu – Asthi dhatu can be defined as Bones and cartilages. They are responsible for proper health of hairs.

4) Teja, Praan, Oja

                             This factors are most purified content of our body. Teja is responsible for glow and colour. Praan is responsible for energy of tissues. Oja is responsible for accurate quality of each tissue including hairs and skin.

5) Kleda

                             Kleda is unwanted liquid parts in our body. They normally got eliminated from our body through urine and skin. But in some condition this get hamper and kleda starts to accumulate in our body.

                             This excessive kleda hampers circulation and thus reduces proper functioning of tissues.

6) some food are directly responsible for skin and hair disorders like eating fish with milk is causative factor of skin disorders. Eating of cold curd in night increases kleda directly. Eating of cold and hot food simultaneously may result in blood disorders.

                             So for proper functioning of skin and hair it is necessary to found out which factor is making our body weak. By correcting these factors we cut the root of skin and hair disorders. and after correcting inside health we can easily recover skin and hair health by using natural cosmetics. This cosmetics heals all damages of skin and health and fasten the recovery of skin and hair.

Ayurvedic cosmetics have following properties.

  • Reduces causative factors like for dryness reduces vaat dosha, for oiliness reduces kapha dosha.
  • Purifies blood and stimulate pitta dosha for proper glow of skin
  • Has minimum side effects as they doesn’t have any chemical
  • Reduces dosha permanently
  • Reduces recurrence chances
  • Promote natural growth of hairs
  • Maintain dosha level. Maintain internal balance of body tissues.
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Uniqueness of our therapies  

In Arogya Mandir – Shri Siddhanath Ayurvedic Hospital, Miraj, every patient is examined through ayurvedic perception deeply. By applying noninvasive Ayurvedic diagnostic tools like Ashtavidha Parikshan, Nadi Parikshan etc exact pathogenesis of disease is founded out and then therapies are advised according to condition of disease. Thus results come early.

                   Our therapies have following uniqueness.

  • Silent, clean, therapy room with trained therapist and positive environment.
  • Appropriate massage oil is selected according to Prakruti and disease condition of patient.
  • Free Prakruti and Dhatu Sarata examination before starting of therapies.
  • Authenticate procedure of each therapy.
  • Appropriate use of herbal medicines and instruments during therapy.
  • Special rooms with all facility for indoor patient.

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